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Benefits Guidelines
  • Two Options for Coverage: The Plan now offers Participants two options for medical coverage. Active Employees and Retirees who are not eligible for Medicare may select from the Self-Funded Preferred Provider Organization Plan (PPO Plan) and Kaiser Foundation Health Plan. Retirees who are eligible for Medicare may select from the Self-Funded Medicare Supplemental Plan or the Kaiser Senior Advantage Plan.
  • Reserve of Hours – 650 or More Hours: Each Employee who is not eligible for benefits becomes eligible when his reserve of hours has been credited with 650 or more hours within any 12 consecutive month period. (The prior booklet required 660 or more hours).
  • 130 Hours in Reserve Bank: Once eligible for benefits, you and your dependents continue to be eligible so long as you have 130 hours in your reserve of hours. (The prior booklet contained the old 110 hours rule.)
  • Retiree Eligibility Rules: The rules of eligibility for Retiree Welfare benefits have been changed. To qualify for welfare benefits as a new retiree, a member must be receiving benefits from the U.A. Local Union No. 467 Defined Benefit Plan, have ten years of Benefit Credit under that Plan, must have been continuously covered for benefits under the Health and Welfare Plan for 44 out of the 48 months immediately preceding retirement (not counting COBRA coverage), and must be a member in good standing of U.A. Local Union No. 467.
  • Hearing Aid Benefit: The Plan pays for an initial examination by a physician no more than once in a 24-month period, and a hearing aid examination also no more than once in a 24-month period, up to $85.00 each. The Plan pays 80% of the cost of a hearing aid and provides a maximum benefit of $2,500 per year over any 5-year period.
  • Military Service Rules: The rules for what occurs if you are in certain active military service are summarized on pages 12-14 of the booklet.
  • Privacy-Protected Health Information: The Board of Trustees has adopted rules to protect the privacy of your health care records.
  • Claims and Appeal Procedures: New claims and special procedures were adopted to comply with governmental regulations.
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